Na jejich hodinách by nikdo NECHYBĚL! 15+ sexy UČITELŮ, jejichž vzhled žáky více než MOTIVUJE.

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V poslední době se na sociálních sítích začaly objevovat fotky sexy policistů, doktorů nebo mechaniků, kteří by z fleku mohli jít dělat modeling. Dnes vám ukážeme 17 učitelů a učitelek, kteří jsou na tom úplně stejně a žáci z nich mnohdy ztrácí hlavu. Není se čemu divit, protože matka příroda jim opravdu nadělila jen to nejlepší. 

1. Přednášející v inovativní ekonomice a duševním vlastnictví.

2. Učitelka na druhém stupni.

3. Profesor ekonomiky a daňového práva.

4. Učitelka na 1. stupni.

5. Učitel biologie.


6. Učitelka 6. a 7. ročníku.

7. Forenzní expert a přednášející kriminalista.

8. Učitelka 5. třídy.

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Remember the days when you wanted what you have now? Trust that what you desire will happen in time and on time. ✨ . . These little reminders from @womazeapp always seem to come at just the right time. For years, I dreamed of one day having my own classroom and finally feeling like I knew what I was doing. I’m still learning every day, but I’m now at the point where I feel confident about my teaching decisions and can knowledgeably speak about everything I’m doing in my classroom. Yesterday, every single one of my parent-teacher conferences went well, and I talked to a lot of supportive parents about how we can work together to help their child be successful. This feeling is keeping me going. There are a lot of things I want in this life, and sometimes I get discouraged and feel impatient, but this little quote showed up at just the right time. I remember what it felt like to want what I have now. I worked hard, and here I am. I trust that everything I want will happen in time and on time. Set goals, make a plan to reach them, and trust that what’s meant to be will be. Today, I’m choosing to look back on how far I’ve come. Man, that feels good. ???????? . . If you haven’t already, you have got to download the FREE Womaze app. They send inspirational quotes like this one to your phone throughout the day, and provide tons of awesome content for women to keep you going. Plus, the girls who run it are fabulous!!!!!! ???????????? Love you WOMAZEing people, thanks for my box of goodies ???? #womaze #womazeapp #madeinfifthgrade

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9. Učitel angličtiny.

10. Učitelka matematiky.

11. Učitel na základní škole.

12. Učitelka na druhém stupni.

13. Učitel matematiky.

14. Učitelka 8. třídy.

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I left my make-up bag at home. I'll just put on my ruby woo and brush my 26 Malaysian inches out. Should be fine. "No. I want to shoot you, as you are." I didn't even know him like that. Agreed to be his muse for the day because, well, earlier this year when Alex asked me to send her a picture for the @theheygirlpodcast, I was embarrassed that the only pictures I had of myself were in my classroom. It was indicative of my current social life: I never go anywhere anymore. My school year is all about school. Summer? I was so busy writing and reading and publishing Soundless Cries last summer… I hadn't had a real break since Cuba. And even then, I hadn't really taken any pictures of myself. So every photo-op that I got this summer was a yes. I don't want to look back on my life and only remember myself as working… I mean, that is my reality. My life is of service but still, I need to live my life enjoyably. So, I took this summer to find myself, outside of being Ms. Clay. I just wanted to be.

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15. Učitel přírodních věd.

16. Učitelka angličtiny.

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I have a pimple on my forehead and little bags under my eyes. I never fall asleep when I would like to and sometimes I sleep past my alarm. I love celery and dark chocolate covered pretzels. I love to make a healthy meal and order a large cheese pizza. I like to run a few miles and sit on my couch watching Family Feud for hours on hours. I plan the most extravagant lesson plans and have full engagement and other times it completely fails and I have to start all over. Sometimes I present to others at conferences, but I also learn something new each day from educators who have been doing this for years. I make my bed in the morning and other times I don’t have time to finish the dishes before I leave. I have really supportive people in my life and sometimes life gets in the way and it’s hard for me to find balance. I have really good days where I see the light and can hold on to that and other days, I relive the worst day of my life and can’t hold it together. Some days I’m laughing and other days I’m crying in the bathroom. Every single day is different and I hope this reminds you that I’m not perfect—no one is. I’m human and so are you. I fall apart and then have some really amazing humans in my life who help me pick up the pieces. Life can be really tough sometimes, but so am I and so are you. Sending a lot of love to you all this month—let’s make each other stronger.

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17. Učitel angličtiny.